What is DeMolay?

DSC_0203DeMolay is an organization for young men, between the ages of 12 and 21 who…

  • Believe in God
  • Are of good moral character
  • Are recommended by a member
  • Apply to a local DeMolay Chapter

DeMolay members stand for high standards and principles. When joining DeMolay you will be asked to take vows and promises (called “obligations”) to uphold these principles. You’ll promise:

  • To strive to be a good son.
  • To be faithful to confidences and trusts placed in you.
  • To live a clean and moral life.
  • To love and serve God according to the teachings of your family’s faith tradition.
  • To be a loyal and patriotic citizen, and to defend the interests of your country.
  • To remember the example of Jacques DeMolay, and strive to be faithful and trustworthy in all your commitments.
  • To be loyal and supportive to other DeMolay members.
  • To honor and respect all women.
  • To be tolerant and understanding in your opinions of others.