Top 10 Get to Know DeMolay Events your Chapter Can Try


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One of the best ways to share the fun and excitement that we enjoy in DeMolay is to invite our friends
and classmates who are not familiar with DeMolay to events that we are hosting. Chapters across the
United States host these “Get to Know DeMolay Events” and they are enjoyable for our current
members as well as those who are attending. Each of these should include opportunities for DeMolays
to interact with their guests, for parents to ask with parents of young men interested in DeMolay, and
food always goes over well.

We compiled a list of 10 of our favorite “Get to Know DeMolay Events” that you or your Chapter may
want to consider for your next activity.

10) Laser Tag or Paintball

This event combines brotherhood, teamwork and some expert
marksmanship. Most paintball or Laser tag fields make it easy to schedule multiple rounds of games
where people can team up and play storm the castle or capture the flag or other versions of the game.
In between matches, DeMolays and their friends can talk about the DeMolay experience and other
activities of the chapter.

9) Reserve a Movie Theater

Many movie theaters run specials where community groups can sign up for
a semi-private screening of a film, some even the same day as a big release. Imagine the fun and
excitement when you are able to invite your friends to see a film together and you have the entire
theater to yourself. A presentation about DeMolay in the beginning and then you’re off to go watch
James Bond save the day, Spiderman rescue Mary Jane, or Captain Kirk save the universe from Klingons.

8) Video Game Truck

We all play video games, but imagine if you have 12 of your best friends in a
specially outfitted trailer with 20 different video screens with the latest and greatest video games to
play. DeMolays and their guests can join a multi-player team or explore their own individual games and
quests. In between pizza, or burritos or some other fun food can be served and conversations can occur
about DeMolay.

7) Miniature Golf or Putt-Putt

What’s fun about miniature golf or putt-putt is that anyone can play. You
can have DeMolays partner with the friends that they have invited to the event, parents tam up with
parents and they can tee off for a great time. Staggering which hole people start off on means that
everyone finishes about the same time and can then compare scores about who has the best golf score,
or whose score looks more like a Bowling Score!

6) Going to a Game

Watching a sporting even can be a great deal of fun. Chances are that there is a fun
sporting event near you. Maybe it’s minor league baseball or hockey, or college football or basketball.
Many sports teams will offer bulk discount tickets, or even have a separate meeting area that you can
use before or during the game. Being able to attend these events with your DeMolay brothers and
friends creates a lasting positive memory.

5) Go Karts

There’s something special about getting into a car, and racing around a track against your
brothers and your friends. Particularly for our DeMolays who do not have drivers licenses, this is a

great way to experience driving safely. Maybe having a contest for who finishes last. We had one
chapter who made it a costume party and everyone dressed up as their favorite Mario Kart character.
(but no Smashing!)

4) Trampoline or Skydiving Park

More and more indoor trampoline parks and indoor sky diving facilities
are opening up across the country. These are great ways to experience weightlessness, jumping and
other types of fun. You can see if there is one near you to take your friends to.

3) Dance and Lock-In

Whether it’s dancing the funky chicken, or the cha-cha slide, or slow dancing with
the girl with the freckles and blonde hair everyone enjoys a good dance! DeMolay can partner with one
of our sister organizations to throw a fun dance. What makes this even better is it can turn into a “Get to
Know DeMolay/Rainbow/Job’s Daughters/Triangle event” and strengthen all of our great organizations.

2) Amusement Park

Many amusement parks will work with groups and organizations to provide
discount group tickets and also to possibly provide a venue for a picnic or other goodies. DeMolays and
their friends can go off to enjoy roller coasters, shows and other amusements.

1) Hosting a sporting event

You can host a fun sports event like flag football, basketball, wiffleball or
softball at very little cost. Youth love to play sports, but often times it is hard to find a group to play
with, or there may not be as much playing time for everyone as they would like. DeMolay sports are
great because we can all play!

Those are our top ten ideas for Get to Know DeMolay events. Hopefully they give you and your Chapter
an idea of the type of activities and events that you can do. What are some of your favorite ones? Drop
us an email at and we may feature them in an upcoming blog post!


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