The Judge

The Judge has seen most of Pennsylvania since it’s inception in 2005. It has visited 16 different Chapters and traveled thousands of miles, but where is it now? The location of the Judge is now being tracked via an official Facebook page. Check it out at:

About the Judge


“The Judge,” PA DeMolay’s Travelling Gavel, was presented to Brother Justin D. Killian, PSMC, at the Installation and Induction Ceremonies of New Castle Builders Chapter in New Castle, PA. Brother Killian was instrumental in helping this new Chapter form. In addition, Brother Killian’s pride and energy for DeMolay has aided all of Pennsylvania DeMolay in gaining momentum for a bright future. This gavel is given in his honor and will represent his good will as it travels throughout Pennsylvania for many years to come.

Creator of the Judge


“The Judge” was designed and created by William Treager, a member of Westmoreland Lodge No. 518, Greensburg, PA. Brother Bill was a resident of the Masonic Villiage at Elizabethtown, who, sadly, recently passed away. He along with Jim Smith and Ralph Clare, all members of the “Rooster’s Corner” woodworking club created the gavel at the request of Pennsylvania DeMolay. These men have taken great pride in creating something that will be a part of Pennsylvania DeMolay for many years to come.

Full guidelines for the Judge can be found here.