State Officers – 2018-2019



Bro. B. Tyler Moyer
84th State Master Councilor of PA DeMolay

Past State Master Councilors




Bro. Andrew P. Santilli
Deputy State Master Councilor

Past Deputy State Master Councilors




Bro. James M. McKeown
State Senior Councilor

Past State Senior Councilors




Bro. Dylan Kirk
State Junior Councilor

Past State Junior Councilors




Bro. Andrew C. Caroselli
State Scribe

Past State Scribes


Appointed State Officers – 2017-2018

  • Bro. Isaac Bruce, Region A Representative
  • Bro. Mitchell Holmes, Region B Representative
  • Bro. Gary Weyandt, III, Region C Representative
  • Bro. Aiden Patterson, Region D Representative
  • Bro. Christopher MoralesRegion E Representative
  • Bro. A.J. Lee, Region F Representative
  • Bro. Ethan Flanagan, Region G Representative
  • Bro. Brandon Whited, Region H Representative
  • Bro. David Crispen, State Marshal
  • Bro. Christopher Black, State Chaplain

Program Youth Directors

Bro. Joseph Armes-Zimmerman
Youth Director of the 2019 Convention

Bro. Dylan Kirk
Youth Director of Rose Croix Class 2019

Bro. Michael Darbous
Assistant Youth Director of Rose Croix Class 2019

Bro. Liam McKee
Youth Director of Patriots Class 2019

Bro. Miles Green
Assistant Youth Director of Patriots Class 2019

Past Youth Directors of Convention

Past Youth Directors of the Key Man Conference

Past State Treasurers