State Officers – 2016-2017

Eric_DyeBro. Eric M. Dye
82nd State Master Councilor of PA DeMolay
Home Chapter: Allentown

Past State Master Councilors


Bro. Jacob A. Beers
Deputy State Master Councilor
Home Chapter: Elizabethtown

Past Deputy State Master Councilors

Andrew_SantilliBro. Andrew P. Santilli

State Senior Councilor
Home Chapter: Chester Pike

Past State Senior Councilors



Bro. B. Tyler Moyer
State Junior Councilor
Home Chapter: Pilgrim

Past State Junior Councilors

Brian_MartinBro. Brian E. Martin
State Scribe
Home Chapter: Carlisle

Past State Scribes

13920282_10157170881055858_7773587107585639037_oBro. Dylan R. Kirk
State Treasurer
Home Chapter: Westmoreland 

Past State Treasurers

Appointed State Officers – 2016-2017

  • Bro. Aaron Muldowney, State Marshal
    Home Chapter: Carlisle
  • Bro. Joseph Bell, State Chaplain
    Home Chapter: Reading
  • Bro. Hunter Winters, State Senior Deacon
    Home Chapter: Carlisle
  • Bro. Colby Wetstone, State Junior Deacon
    Home Chapter: Riverside
  • Bro. Austin Chase, State Senior Steward
    Home Chapter: Westmoreland
  • Bro. David Smith,  State Junior Steward
    Home Chapter: Westmoreland
  • Bro. Sean Reitze, State Standard Bearer
    Home Chapter: Pilgrim
  • Bro. Ray Benoist, State Orator
    Home Chapter: Pilgrim
  • Bro. Daniel Shevalier, State Almoner
    Home Chapter: Allentown 
  • Bro. Anthony Trento, State Sentinal
    Home Chapter: Chester Pike
  • Bro. Blake Anderson, SMC Assistant
    Home Chapter: Elizabethtown
  • Bro. Adam Neubauer, SMC Assistant
    Home Chapter: Westmoreland
  • Bro. Isaac Holtzer, SMC Assistant
    Home Chapter: Westmoreland
  • Bro. Dimas Rodriguez, SMC Assistant
    Home Chapter: Allentown
  • Bro. Alejandro Rodriguez, SMC Assistant
    Home Chapter: Allentown

Program Youth Directors

Bro. Sean Reitze
Youth Director of the 2017 Convention
Home Chapter: Pilgrim

Past Youth Directors of Convention

Past Youth Directors of the Key Man Conference