Squires Program

The organization of Squires is a youth leadership organization for boys that are 9-11 years old. Like DeMolay, it is a value-based organization with a goal for its members and their parents to have fun while learning three important life lessons: the importance of education, honesty, and equality.

Who's Involved

For the Squires program to be successful, we put an emphasis on having active DeMolay’s and advisors involved from the start. This is crucial for the members of Squires to learn about the program and have a mentor to look up through throughout their time involved. 

What We Do

  • Fun Events
  • Charitable Events
  • Field Trips

Squire Manors

The basic Squire organization is called a “Manor.”  Every Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay Chapter or a DeMolay state.  Its adult leaders, who are registered DeMolay Advisors have been educated in Youth Protection and been subjected to the rigorous certification process.  In addition, when possible, there is a DeMolay member appointed to the Manor as a “Squire Mentor,” or liaison between the sponsoring chapter and the Manor.  His role is to be a big brother and example to the members of the Manor.

If you think that your son can benefit from the Squires program, contact your local DeMolay chapter to learn more about it.

The Next Steps

Once a member joins Squires ( 9 -11), they get to take part in all of the programs and activities their Manor (their local Chapter) puts on.

When a member reaches 12 years of age, they and their parents have the opportunity to join their local DeMolay Chapter and continue their DeMolay.