Squires Program

Squires is a youth leadership organization for young men between the ages of 9 and 11. Like DeMolay, it is a values-based organization based on three important life lessons: the importance of education, honesty, and equality.

Who's Involved

The Squires program involves active DeMolays and advisors from the start. This relationship is crucial for both the Squires, who gain a mentor and a window into DeMolay; and for the DeMolay members themselves, who gain an understanding of how they can set an example for those who look up to them.

What We Do

  • Fun Events
  • Charity
  • Field Trips

Squire Manors

The local Squire organization is called a “Manor.” Every Manor is sponsored by a DeMolay Chapter or statewide jurisdiction. The Manor’s adult leaders are registered DeMolay Advisors, each of whom has been trained and certified according to PA DeMolay standards. In addition, when possible, there is a DeMolay member appointed to the Manor as a “Squire Mentor,” or liaison between the sponsoring chapter and the Manor. His role is to be a big brother and an example of DeMolay virtues to the members of the Manor.

If you think that your son might benefit from the Squires program, contact your local DeMolay chapter to learn more.

The Next Steps

Once a young man joins Squires, he can take part in all of the programs and activities his Manor holds.

When a member reaches 12 years of age, he can then choose to join his local DeMolay Chapter and continue his DeMolay journey.