Policies and Guidelines

What is the difference between a policy and a guideline? We’re glad you asked!

In the DeMolay world a “policy” is a ruling made by DeMolay International or the Executive Officer that is put in writing and issued to all constituent Chapters. Policies are expected to be followed at all times.

A “guideline” is a suggestion issued by DeMolay International or the Executive Officer that has been found to better the DeMolay program. It is not required that all Chapters follow a guideline, but it is suggested that they try the guideline first before dismissing it.

The DeMolay Leaders’ Resource Guide is a collection of guidelines and ideas, some of which emanate from the bylaws, rules, and regulations of DeMolay International, and some which are merely suggestions. Unfortunately, the DeMolay Leaders Resource Guide does not differentiate between policies and guidelines, and therefore it should not be consulted for strict rule or policy interpretations. It is, however, a great source for guidelines and ideas.

All files are in .pdf format unless otherwise specified.

Handbooks, Guides, and Duties

These files contain complete outlines and information for specific programs operated by Pennsylvania DeMolay.


These files contain individual polices on the subject matter listed.

Policies that are in italics indicates a new policy that has been implemented since Convention 2017.