As in any organization, it’s the people that make DeMolay in Pennsylvania possible. DeMolay is an organization of young men who operate their own Chapters, and on a larger level, their own jurisdiction. Pennsylvania DeMolay has two levels of leadership. On the youth level, the jurisdiction is lead by the State Master Councilor and five Elected State Officers (Deputy State Master Councilor, State Senior Councilor, State Junior Councilor, State Scribe, and State Treasurer.) These officers are supported by a group of Appointed State Officers. When combined, these young men compose the State Officer Corps, and conduct programs, competitions, workshops, inductions, installations, and the annual convention program.

However, these young men would not be able to achieve their plans and ambitions without a dedicated group of adult volunteers who ensure smooth day to day operations. Lead by the Executive Officer, who is appointed by DeMolay International, the Executive Officer’s Leadership Team provides support to all of the Chapters within Pennsylvania, and the State Officer Corps.

These two groups actively work to grow and support the Order of DeMolay in Pennsylvania.