PA DeMolay Goes Hollywood

Lights Camera Action_DeMolay-01

At Convention 2016 in Seven Springs, State Master Councilor Eric Dye informed the members and advisors of Pennsylvania DeMolay that DeMolay is going Hollywood. This years theme will be centered around the silver screen. The year will be filled with fun events including movie themed costume parties, cowboys vs. aliens, and even murder mysteries.

Chapters will also be challenged to their creativity throughout their chapter events. Each movie genre, such as Comedy, Drama and Documentary, has a specific goal that can be completed. The more goals accomplished, the more likely the chapter will receive a prize. The information is to be recorded by the Master Councilor and submitted to the PA DeMolay office by June 1st, 2017. The prize will be distributed at Convention 2017.

Members will also have the chance to earn prizes by recruiting new members into DeMolay. The DeMolay Recruitment Pyramid of Greatness (which can be found in the packet attached to this page) allows members to receive a prize for each member they bring in. Prizes include a movie poster, a popcorn maker, a personalized directors chair and a Go Pro Camera.

Also being introduced this year is a DeMolay Ritual Database Entry Form, which will allow PA DeMolay to help locate a qualified ritualist in your area. Are you looking for an Installation team, RD Ceremony or someone to fill in as Jacques DeMolay? Email us at and we will lead you in the right direction. Please fill out the Entry Form so we can maintain a large group of ritualists. 

The Bro-Ties program is back and better than ever! This simplified form (which can be found in the packet) will be used both at the start and completion of a mentorship pairing. The mentee will need to learn basic information that DeMolay’s learn as they join, such as the grips of the order, the story of Jacques DeMolay and one ritual part. 

Stay tuned to find out more about how PA DeMolay plans to turn our program into the biggest red carpet event around. PA DeMolay can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

DeMolay Goes Hollywood Packet