PA DeMolay Centennial Celebration

PA DeMolay Centennial Logo.png

The organization of DeMolay was founded by Frank S. Land in 1919, making 2019 the official 100 year celebration. Along with all of the fun programming that DeMolay International has to offer, PA DeMolay has put together some very exciting content to make this the best celebration.

Chapters are encouraged to participate in at least 9 of the 14 available activities, making them a “Centennial Chapter.” Those events include:

  1. 100 for a local charity
  2. 100 for the State Charity
  3. 100 Senior DeMolay Highlights
  4. Centennial Celebration Moments
  5. Civic Service Month
  6. DeMolay Marathons
  7. Masonic Service Month
  8. Join the PA DeMolay Centennial Club
  9. Public Relations 100
  10. Pro Merito
  11. Social Event
  12. Statewide Centennial Ritual Competition
  13. Statewide Tree Project
  14. Worldwide Initiation Day

For more details on each event, please refer to the centennial packet found below.
PA DeMolay Centennial Packet

For information on the DeMolay International Centennial Programming follow the link below.

One of the additional programs that PA DeMolay is doing to acknowledge the Centennial is providing a 100 memory countdown that takes us directly to the 100th Anniversary of DeMolay. The posts can be found on the PA DeMolay Blog. Here is the countdown so far:

DeMolay Centennial Logo.png