PA DeMolay Competes at MATOC

On September 8th to the 10th, Pennsylvania DeMolay hosted the annual Mid Atlantic Tournament of Champions (MATOC for short) which was held at the Eisenhower Hotel and Convention Center in Gettysburg, PA. MATOC is a ritual tournament held for Jurisdictions in the Mid-Atlantic Region; Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Deleware, Virginia, and Maryland.

Several participants from Pennsylvania took place in competitions. Chapters that were represented include; Elizabethtown, Pilgrim, al-Aksa, Northeast, Friendship-Bray, Chester Pike, and Westmoreland. Here are the winners that represnted Pennsylvania DeMolay:

Jacob Reilly, Sean Reitze, Tyler Moyer (PA DeMolay State Officers) – 9 o’clock (Jurisdiction, Open)
Andrew Santilli (Chester Pike) – Chaplain (Senior, Open)
Joe Pullin, Alex Swift, Jeff Hample, Sean Reitze, John Saltzgueber (Ben Franklin Court ) – Chevalier Conferral (Champion)
PA DeMolay State Officers (Jake Beers, Tyler Moyer, Sean Reitze, Tim Nevil, Jacob Reilly, Dylan Kirk) – Preceptor Corps (Open)
Michael Darbous (Westmoreland) – Preceptor Trio (Junior, Open)
Michael Darbous (Westmoreland) – Rookie of the Year (Junior Open)
Daegan Fuss (Pilgrim) – Rookie of the Year (Senior, Open)
Daniel Amon (Northeast) – Shield Talk (Junior, Open)

Great job to all of PA DeMolay’s winners and participants. Keep up the great work. We look forward to more competitors for next year.


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Convention 2017 in Lehigh Valley


From July 14th to 16th, Pennsylvania invaded the Lehigh Valley area with their annual Convention at the Holiday Inn, Allentown. Members and Advisors from across the state gathered together to celebrate the past year by receiving awards, electing the next corp of officers, and having fun at several events.

The weekend started on Friday with two activities that the members seemed to enjoy to the fullest; Laser Tag at Lehigh Valley Laser Tag, and a baseball game in which the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs took on the Rochester Red Wings. During the game, Brother David Lynam of Riverside Chapter had the privilege of throwing out one of the first pitches of the game. David was chosen for bringing in the most members throughout the calendar year with 4 members brought in. The attendees also enjoyed a firework display at the end of the game.

On Saturday during the business session, the delegates of PA DeMolay elected our State Officers for the 2017-2018 year. The elected officers are Bro. Jacob A.K. Beers as State Master Councilor, Bro. B. Tyler Moyer as Deputy State Master Councilor, Bro. Dylan R. Kirk as State Senior Councilor, Bro. Sean W. Reitze as State Junior Councilor, Bro. Jacob R. Reilly as State Scribe, and Bro. Timothy J. Nevil as State Treasurer. Miss Mary Lichtenwalner was elected the State Sweetheart for 2017-2018 as well. Several awards were distributed during both the Business Session and Luncheon, including RD of the Year, Obligatory Days Competition, and Outstanding Chapter, “Mom” Jeanine Larkin was named this years recipient of the Guild of the Leather Apron by new Executive Officer, “Dad” Greg Schaeffer. “Dad” Raymond Gottschall was presented with the HODEGOS Award. After the Luncheon, members disbursed to Dorney Park for 7 hours of fun.

On Sunday morning, the newly elected officers were installed, with Bro. Jacob Beers becoming the 83rd State Master Councilor of Pennsylvania DeMolay. Bro. Beers presented his new program, entitled GO, encouraging members to GO Grow, GO Lead, and GO Spread. For more information on the term plan, refer to the page on this site entitled GO. Congratulations to all elected officers and award winners. We’ll see you all next year in Gettysburg.

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Elected State Officer Candidates for 2017-2018

In July at the annual Convention, which will be held in Breinigsville, PA, the members of PA DeMolay will have the chance to vote for their Elected State Officers for the 2017-2018 term. An Elected State Officer must be a past or present Master Councilor of their Chapter, earned their Representative DeMolay Awards, and have earned the LCC Lamp of Knowledge. Letters of intent were due May 15th. Here are the candidates for this year:

pa_jewelState Master Councilor: Jacob A.K. Beers (Elizabethtown Chapter)

Deputy State Master Councilor: B. Tyler Moyer (Pilgrim Chapter)

State Senior Councilor: Brian E. Martin (Carlisle Chapter)
State Senior Councilor: Dylan R. Kirk (Westmoreland Chapter)

State Junior Councilor: Sean W. Reitze (Pilgrim Chapter)

State Scribe: Jacob R. Reilly (al-Aksa Chapter)

State Treasurer: Timothy J. Nevil (Elizabethtown Chapter)

The elections will be held during the business session, Saturday morning during Convention. Congratulations and good luck to all of the candidates.

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Dodgeball for Dyslexia 2017

DSCF1048.JPGOn Saturday, May 13th Elizabethtown Chapter, Order of DeMolay, hosted the Dodgeball for Dyslexia III Tournament at Spooky Nook Sports complex in Manheim, PA.  This event to benefit the Scottish Rite Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Pennsylvania DeMolay’s State Charity since 2000, was planned by Elizabethtown’ Past Master Councilor Evan Crawford, who has been organizing and promoting the event since its inception in 2015.

This was the most successful year for the tournament ever, with 13 teams supporting the event.  This included five DeMolay Chapters from Pennsylvania, four DeMolay Chapters from Virginia, an “Old Guys” team made up of Senior DeMolays and Masons, the Scottish Rite Valley of Bloomsburg, Ubar Grotto and Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682.

A total of $3,154.00 was raised and will be donated to five Children’s Dyslexia Centers in Pennsylvania, based upon funds raised by the DeMolay Chapters meeting in the area of the centers in Bloomsburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction, AASR,  Rite Care Children’s Language Program on behalf of the DeMolay Chapters in Virginia.

Three teams were recognized for winning various aspects of the competition: the Treichler Lodge Dice Gallery was the winner of the Golden Dodgeball for placing first in the tournament; the Valley of Bloomsburg AASR won the Silver Dodgeball for raising the most money for the charity, and the Burnt Toast Team from Virginia won the Bronze Dodgeball for showing the most spirit throughout the four -hour tournament.

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DeMolay Universe Saved at Action Hero Weekend!

The PA DeMolay Universe was assembled at Patton Campus on May 5th to 7th for Action Hero Weekend: Superhero Training Academy. Participants were challenged to save the DeMolay Universe and help find PA DeMolay’s official superhero: Jacques Lightyear. Members had the chance to go through challenges, workshops and activities in order to receive clues that helped lead to the whereabouts of Jacques Lightyear.

So where did the members find our favorite superhero? At the movie theater of course. Jacques Lightyear and the members of PA DeMolay enjoyed a private screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. A special thank you to Movi-Etown for making the movie theater experience possible. A great weekend to start a new era in PA DeMolay, with the official start of new Executive Officer, Gregory Schaeffer. Thank you to everyone for making the weekend a success.

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