PA DeMolay at DeMolay International

PA DeMolay sent a large delegation to the 100th anniversary of DeMolay International, which was held in the founding city of Kansas City, Missouri. The celebration started on Tuesday, June 25th and went on until our departure on Sunday, June 30th. The annual session proved to be a very important one for Pennsylvania DeMolay in particular.

In 1982, Pennsylvania DeMolay had the chance to be represented with an International Congress Secretary. “Dad” Lorimer “Lee” Cram served as ICS from 1982 to 1983. Until this year, “Dad” Cram had been the only International Congress Officer from Pennsylvania DeMolay. This year, Brother Benjamin “Tyler” Moyer was elected by his peers and installed as the 53rd International Master Councilor. Tyler is already making us proud with his travel throughout DeMolay International.

Other recognitions from DeMolay International came to several of the Supreme Council members representing Pennsylvania. “Dad” Randy Knapp finished an excellent term as the President of the DeMolay Foundation. “Dad” Lee Cram was elected as the Region II Representative, giving him a chance to serve on the Board of Directors for our Region. Samuel C. Williamson was presented with the Pro Servitio award by the Grand Master of DeMolay International. “Dad” Seth Anthony was approved to become an Active Member of the Supreme Council. “Dad” Randy Knapp was also presented with the Golden Eagle Award for being a Visionary for DeMolay and the Grand Master.

Along with the recognition, PA DeMolay enjoyed their time with the many events that took place at International Sessions. The bus tour allowed participants to see important sites in DeMolay History, including the grave site of “Dad” Frank Land, “Dad” Frank Marshall, and Gorman McBride, the first DeMolay Master Councilor. As a bonus, we were able to find the grave site of Walter Cronkite. The Centennial party held at the DeMolay Leadership and Service Center provided many the chance to see DeMolay Headquarters for the first time. In all, the celebration was a success and will be remembered by the members of Pennsylvania DeMolay that participated. Thanks to all who put in the time and effort to make this a success. See you next year in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The Boonta Classic

During the weekend of May 3 to 5, 2019, PA DeMolay hosted the Boonta Classic, a tribute to the race of the same name from the Star Wars movie franchise. The weekend, which brought together members and Advisors from 12 DeMolay Chapters in Pennsylvania, featured several activities that entertained everyone in attendance.

The weekend started with notable statewide competitions, all of which the winners will be announced at the annual PA DeMolay Convention. Those competitions include the RD of the Year interviews, the Obligatory Days Competition, and various Ritual competitions. The members played games of Softball in the afternoon once the field cleared up. At night, the members dressed for success at the Mos Eisley Casino event. Friendly games of blackjack, poker, roulette, and various other casino games rounded out the weekends festivities.

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Eastern Legion of Honor 2018


On September 23rd, 2018, PA DeMolay presented the DeMolay Legion of Honor to 11 deserving recipients representing the Eastern part of Pennsylvania. The Legion of Honor is the highest honor that can be given from DeMolay International. The red cordon is the “Active Legion of Honor,” and is given to Senior DeMolay members over the age of 25. The white cordon is the “Honorary Legion of Honor,” and is given to Master Masons over the age of 30. Both honors are given for outstanding service to the Order of DeMolay or to society in general. Below are the recipients:

Active Legion of Honor
Arthur Bartholomew (Chester Pike)
Ronald Carson (Elizabethtown)
John Dominicis (PA DeMolay)
Jeffrey Green (Friendship-Bray)
Robert Smith (George Washington)

Honorary Legion of Honor
David Auchey (Pilgrim)
John Cook (Carlisle)
Leonard Juliani (Northeast)
Irwin Kohler (PA DeMolay)
George March (PA DeMolay)
Dennis Stuckey (Elizabethtown)

Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients!

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KeyMan University 2018

During the week of August 5th to the 11th, PA DeMolay held the annual KeyMan University at the Masonic Conference Center – Patton Campus in Elizabethtown. Members from 8 jurisdictions; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Ontario, Wisconsin, Texas, and Georgia, joined for a successful mixture of fun and learning. Participants were given the opportunity to choose their area of study from 7 departments; DeMolay Education, Chapter Leadership, Brotherhood and Membership, Ritual and Performance, Events and Program Planning, Communications and Media, and Interpersonal Development.

Along with the opportunities to learn and take things home to their Chapters, KeyMan participants also had the chance to have fun. Physical education time allowed members to play sports and compete against each other. The pool was open throughout a portion of the week. On Friday, the KeyMan games placed department members in various relay races for fun and friendly competition. A casino night activity brought the fun filled activities to a close on Friday night, along with a milk shake bar and karaoke.

When the week was over, each DeMolay member seemed to enjoy themselves. A “One More Week” chant was even heard in the crowd during the closing ceremony, to which the staff replied with a “Let’s Go Home” chant of their own. KeyMan University continues to be the main event of the PA DeMolay summer. Thanks to all who made it possible. See you next year!

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Convention in Gettysburg


During the weekend of July 20-22nd, Pennsylvania DeMolay held the annual Convention at the Aspire Hotel and Convention Center Resort in Gettysburg, PA. Convention is a time to meet with members and Advisors from across the Commonwealth to conduct business, elect officers for the current year, and receive awards and scholarships.

Participants arrived Friday afternoon for an optional activity to have fun at All-Star Sports Complex. Members could play laser-tag, race go-karts, and play arcade games. After dinner, groups were sent to Escape Room 1863 for a Civil War based challenge. Each room was filled with puzzles and tasks that must have been completed in an allotted time.

On Saturday, the business session opened with the election of State Officers for the 2018-2019 term. Congratulations to the following officers on their election: Bro. Tyler Moyer, State Master Councilor; Bro. Andrew Santilli, Deputy State Master Councilor; James McKeown, State Senior Councilor; Jacob Reilly, State Junior Councilor; Andrew Caroselli, State Scribe. Miss Samantha Moore was also elected and installed as the State Sweetheart. Awards and Scholarships were distributed during both the business session and the luncheon. RD of the Year was given to Bro. Christopher Black in the Junior Division, Bro. Brandon Whited in the Middle Division, Bro. Sean Summerfield in the Senior Division, and Miss Mary Lichtenwalner in the Sweetheart Division. “Dad” Seth Anthony and “Mom” Linda Pullin were presented with the Hodegos Award, sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. “Dad” Bill Holtzer was recognized as this years recipient of the guild of the leather apron. After the luncheon, members and Advisors participated in a Civil War presentation at the hotel with a Ghost Tour held after dinner.

On Sunday, the Installation of the 2018-2019 officers took place. Bro. Tyler Moyer, the 84th State Master Councilor in Pennsylvania, presented his term plan, “A Brotherhood Awakens.” Congratulations to all elected officers and award winners on a great 2018 Convention. See you next year in Cranberry, PA.

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