MATOC in Gettysburg (Take 2)


For the second consecutive year, the Mid Atlantic Tournament of Champions was held in Gettysburg, PA on September 9 to 11, 2016. MATOC, as the tournament is known as for short, is a DeMolay ritual based tournament, allowing active members and a few senior members participate in both team and individual competitions. MATOC represents the Mid Atlantic Region including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delware, New York, Maryland, Virginia and our Nation’s Capital. Competitions included Flower Talk, Ceremony of Light, and 9 o’clock interpolation, among several others.

Members of Pennsylvania DeMolay represented our Jurisdiction proudly. Brothers Andrew Santilli and Eric Dye for their rendition of the Representative DeMolay Ceremony on the Open level, Ray Benoist won for Preceptor Trio in the Open level, while PSMC Bro. Isaac Holtzer won for Preceptor Trio on the Champion level, and a team of Chevaliers from Northeast Chapter won for the Chevalier Investiture on the Champion level. Congratulations to all of the champions on their excellent display of DeMolay ritual. Hopefully we can get even more competitors from Pennsylvania for 2017.

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KeyMan University 2016


The Masonic Conference Center – Patton Campus in Elizabethtown hosted the 31st annual KeyMan Conference, now known as KeyMan University. Members from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Alberta, Ontario and Oregon gathered together to learn more about DeMolay. KMU is set up like a College University, allowing members, Jurisdictional Officer and Sweethearts the chance to pick a major that they would like to focus on. Majors included Ritual and Performance, Chapter Leadership and Operations, Interpersonal Development, Brotherhood and membership, Events and Program Planning, and Communications and Media. New members that have been involved with DeMolay less than a year had the chance to learn more in a new department called DeMolay Education.

KMU Student Body President, Brother Tyler Moyer, conducted the first ever KeyMan Games. This program allowed participants the chance to compete in numerous activities such as athletic competitions, trivia based activities, and other fun exciting activities to keep the crowd energized throughout the week. Guest speakers joined the program to discuss topics such as personal finance, cyber-security, and even to perform some magic tricks.

On Monday, KMU hosted the Right Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Raymond T. Dietz. RWGM Dietz presented the members with an encouraging story about his life experiences, providing them insight and knowledge to help them in their futures.

When all the fun and hard work was over, members of KMU enjoyed a Casino Night and Dance, in which members of Rainbow and Job’s Daughters attended. On Saturday, presentations were made including 15 Representative DeMolay Awards and 12 Lamp of Knowledge pins awarded. Congratulations to all of the participants for their hard work. Thank to all of the staff, Jurisdictional Officers, members and sweethearts for making this a memorable KMU experience. See you next year!

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Convention 2016 at Seven Springs


On July 15th to the 17, PA DeMolay held its annual Convention at the Seven Springs Ski Resort in Seven Springs Pennsylvania. Members and Advisors from all over Pennsylvania  gathered together to vote for their Elected State Officers, receive awards for their respective chapters, and most importantly to have fun.

The weekend started with a fun filled time at Caddie Shak Family Fun Center, in which members played miniature golf, raced each other in Go-Karts and enjoyed some games in the arcade. Members and Advisors could also spend some time at the batting cages and taking some swings at the driving range.

On Saturday, the delegates of PA DeMolay elected their 2016-2017 State Officer Corps. The team consists of Bro Eric Dye as the State Master Councilor, Bro Jacob Beers as Deputy State Master Councilor, Bro Andrew Santilli as State Senior Councilor, Bro B. Tyler Moyer as State Junior Councilor and Bro Brian Martin as State Scribe. Miss Caitlin Gresham was also elected the State Sweetheart for PA DeMolay.  During the Business Session, Senior DeMolay Zachary Slayback spoke about proving our self-worth in order to get where we want to be.

During the Luncheon, “Mom” Jean Richards was presented the Hodegos Award. Several chapters received awards for topics such as RD of the Year, Obligitory Days Competitions and Outstanding Chapter. “Dad” Louis GrowMiller was also awarded the 2016 Guild of the Leather Apron. After the Luncheon, Members and Advisors enjoyed the activities at the resort, including bowling, disc golf and the alpine luge.

On Sunday Morning, the newly Elected State Officers were installed. Bro Eric Dye started his term off by presenting his theme for the year, DeMolay Goes Hollywood. For more information on DeMolay Goes Hollywood, refer to the page on the website. If you were not at Convention 2016, you may want to fix that for next year.

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DeMolay at Dorney Park

On Saturday, June 11th, 2016, members of Pennsylvania DeMolay attended the annual Eastern Pennsylvania Masonic Picnic, held at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Northeast Chapter, Friendship-Bray Chapter and Chester Pike Chapter, along with several other representatives of the PA Masonic Youth Groups, were in attendance for the fun filled day at the park. DeMolay members were completely paid for, including food and drinks served at the pavilion, courtesy of the Masonic Lodges within the Eastern part of Pennsylvania. Thank you to all of the lodges for their continued support in making DeMolay a better program. Our guys had an amazing time and look forward to next year!

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Candidates For Elected State Office

Convention is shortly approaching, which means that it’s almost tipa_jewelme to vote for our Elected State Officers. According to the by-laws of PA DeMolay, those interested in offering themselves as a candidate for elective office must submit a letter of intent no later than 60 days prior to the opening of the Convention. Letters were due to the PA DeMolay office by May 15th, 2016. Here are the approved candidates for the 2016-2017 PA DeMolay term:

State Master Councilor

Bro. Eric Dye of Allentown Chapter
Bro. Eric Dye Biography

Deputy State Master Councilor

Bro. Jacob Beers of Elizabethtown Chapter
Bro. Jacob Beers Biography

State Senior Councilor

Bro. Andrew Santilli of Chester Pike Chapter
Bro. Andrew Santilli Biography

State Junior Councilor

Bro. B. Tyler Moyer of Pillgrim Chapter
Bro. Tyler Moyer Biography

Bro. Brian Martin of Carlisle Chapter
Bro. Brian Martin Biography

These brothers will stand for election on July 16th, 2016, during the annual business session of PA DeMolay. The State Master Councilor-elect and the Executive Officer will have the opportunity to appoint the other two elected positions, State Scribe and State Treasurer. This appointment will take place at Convention.

The bylaws of PA DeMolay require a letter of intent to be filed 60-days prior to the annual meeting, among other requirements.  As that deadline has passed, these are the only authorized candidates for elected office.  Applications for appointed office are now being accepted by Bro. Dye.  Appointments will be announced at the Installation on Sunday morning at the Annual Convention.

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