Members of DeMolay International

Active Members

ISCActiveCollarActive members wear gold collars and may vote at DeMolay International sessions. DeMolay International limits the number of Active Members to two hundred at any given time, in addition to Executive Officers. The following Active Members reside in Pennsylvania or are affiliated with Pennsylvania DeMolay:

  • Rodney E. Boyce – Executive Officer
  • Gregory M. Schaeffer – Past Executive Officer
  • Thomas R. Labagh – Past Executive Officer
  • Seth C. Anthony – Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania
  • Lee L. Cram, Jr. – Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania
  • Rick S. Freedman – Friendship-Bray Chapter
  • Raymond W. Gottschall, III – Reading Chapter
  • Randy C. Knapp – Pilgrim Chapter
  • Donald L. Mallorey – District of Columbia

Deputy Members

ISCDeputyCollarDeputy Members wear silver collars and may speak at DeMolay International sessions. They do not have the right to vote. Generally one must be a Deputy Member before becoming an Active Member. The following Deputy Members reside in Pennsylvania or are affiliated with Pennsylvania DeMolay:

  • David W. Berry – Elizabethtown Chapter
  • Louis E. GrowMiller Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania
  • Christopher M. Fry – Elizabethtown Chapter
  • J. Michael Larkin – Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania
  • Joseph A. Pullin – Northeast Chapter

Honorary Members

These are non-voting members of DeMolay International, who have been recognized based on their support of the DeMolay program. The following Honorary Members were nominated to membership by Pennsylvania DeMolay:

  • Russell W. Baker  Past Deputy for Pennsylvania, AASR
  • Richard R. Baringer – Past Supreme Tall Cedar
  • Edward H. Fowler, Jr. – Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • George H. Hohenshildt – Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • Thomas W. Jackson – Past Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • Bruce E. Neubauer Sr. – Deputy Executive Officer for Region B
  • Jay W. Smith – Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • C. Deforrest Trexler – Past Deputy for Pennsylvania, AASR
  • Jeffrey M. Wonderling – R.W. Senior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • Harvey J. Willard – Past Supreme Tall Cedar

Emeritus Members

Emeritus Members were once Active Members of DeMolay International and have been granted Emeritus Membership for life. They do not have the right to vote. Any member of DeMolay International who is aged 75 years or older is elected to Emeritus status, although a member may ask for Emeritus status prior to the age of 75. The following Emeritus Members reside in Pennsylvania or are affiliated with Pennsylvania DeMolay:

  • Paul D. Fisher – Past Executive Officer
  • Richard N. Fitzsimmons – Erie Chapter
  • James A. Ray – Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania
  • Christopher H. Tecklenberg – Reading Chapter
  • Samuel C. Williamson – Past Executive Officer, Grand Treasurer Emeritus
  • John L. Winkelman – Reading Chapter