2019-2020 State Officers

These youth leaders are expected to plan events, create programs, and travel across the state to create a better DeMolay experience for the members of Pennsylvania DeMolay.


Andrew P. Santilli

State Master Councilor

Ethan B. Flanagan

State Senior Councilor


Cole Summerfield

State Marshal
Youth Director of Convention 2020

Jonathan Rhoads

State Chaplain

Brandon Whited

State Master Councilor's Assistant

Ryan Kraus

Region A Representative

Gary Weyandt, III

Region B Representative

Michael Darbous

Region C Representative

Samuel Sleighter

Region D Representative

Patrick Eiswerth

Region E Representative

A.J. Lee

Region F Representative

Miles Green

Region G Representative

Aedan Griffin

Region H Representative


Honors And Awards

  • Representative DeMolay
  • PMC-MSA Recipients
  • Chevaliers
  • Cross of Honor
  • Legion of Honor
  • Hodegos
  • Guild of the Leather Apron

Executive Staff

Rodney E. Boyce

Executive Officer

David W. Berry

David W. Berry

Executive Secretary


Samuel C. Williamson

Executive Officer Emeritus

EXECutive Administration

These adult leaders serve as an intermediary between the Chapters of Pennsylvania DeMolay and the Executive Officer to ensure all the Chapters’ needs are being met and the statewide programs are being executed effectively.

Jeffrey R. Kline

Executive Treasurer

Mark A. Haffley

Deputy Executive Officer Region A

Bruce E. Neubauer

Deputy Executive Officer Region B

Joseph A. Pullin

Executive Administrator

Allen D. Moyer

Deputy Executive Officer Region D
Director of Archives

J. Michael Larkin

Deputy Executive Officer Region E
Director of Membership
Director of the DeMolay and More Store

Edward J. White

Deputy Executive Officer Region F

Louis E. GrowMiller

Deputy Executive Officer Region H

EXECutive program directors

Working with members, Advisors, and Chapters, these adult leaders lead and execute Pennsylvania DeMolay’s many statewide programs.

Seth C. Anthony

Co-Director of Alumni

Eric R. Baker

Assistant Director of Ritual

Philip H. Batula

Director of Competitions

Jacob A. K. Beers

Director of the Membership Grant Program

Angela Blaisdell

Director of State Charity

Matthew D. Blaisdell

Director of KeyMan
Director of Art

Carl B. Blew

Assistant Director of Convention

Eric B. Blew

Director of Risk Management

Michael L. Brown

Assistant Director of Convention

John W. Croumer

Legal Counsel

Michael Donahue

Assistant Director of Convention

S. Alexander Fizz

Director of Policy & Protocol

Rick S. Freedman

Director of the Eastern Legion of Honor

Christopher M. Fry

Director of the State Officer Program

William M. Glose, III

Director of the PMC-MSA Program

Raymond W. Gotschall, III

Director of Convention
Director of Archives

Ingrid F. Green

Assistant Director of Ritual

William G. Holtzer

Director of Ritual

William G. Johnston

Assistant Director of Ritual

Justin D. Killian

Co-Director of Alumni

David A. Labagh

Assistant Director of Convention

Thomas R. Labagh

Director of PA/NJ Golf Tournament

Jeanine M. Larkin

Director of Health & Safety

Jess A. Leidig, III

Director of the RD Program

Mark E. Milliron

Assistant Director of Advisor Training

Brett R. Otto

Director of Appendant Organizations

Zachary A. Panitzke

Director of Technology

Curtis R. Rauschenberger

Director of the Western Legion of Honor

Joyce A. Rauschenberger

Director of Squires

Sean W. Reitze

Director of Yearbook Sales

Gregory M. Schaeffer

Director of Rules and Regulations

Jesse S. Spence

Director of Athletics

Alexander W. Swift

Assistant Director of KeyMan

Daniel M. Williams

Director of Advisor Training