Bringing  2021 KeyMan to your Chapter!

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All videos are hosted these sessions through Vimeo but can be viewed on our website! Registered users will get email updates on where to view the stream.

Absolutely. With last year’s shift in our approach, we felt that it is necessary to provide quality content to all members, advisors, and supporters.

Absolutely. Use this as an opportunity to share what DeMolay has to offer with friends, family, and beyond!

Our KeyMan team is working very close to the PA DeMolay Executive Team. If you have any questions, reach out to the PA DeMolay offices or contact us at

Our videos are 100% accessible for all members, advisors and supporters of DeMolay. The physical KeyMan Reboot Box will be sent to all of PA DeMolay Chapters. Our information will be shared through social and email channels to anyone interested and registered.