Key Man University

KMU LogoSince its inception over 30 years ago, PA DeMolay’s Key Man Conference (“KMC”) has been preparing top quality leaders for service in their home Chapters and Jurisdictions. We’re proud to have trained thousands of new DeMolays, Chapter Officers, Jurisdictional Officers and Advisors from all over the U.S. and Canada. From a humble start as a local, PA-only gig, we’ve come a long way! In 2014, we un-learned everything we knew about Key Man as the Conference adopted the brand new model. In 2015, we took this idea one step further, making it an even better event. Welcome to Key Man University, or “KMU” for short! This take on the Conference is meant to be centered on “U” – the active DeMolay! You’ll have the opportunity to get real, in-depth DeMolay training in your choice of a Major course of study, such as Membership and Brotherhood, Leadership and Chapter Operations, Ritual and Performance, and more. What you want to learn and do is up to you!


Active DeMolays and Sweethearts
July 31 – August 6, 2016
Patton Campus, Elizabethtown, PA
$350 per attendee


Program Information

Key Man University is structured like a university in seven core departments. Participants select a “major” and several “minor” courses of study based on their own preferences and what they want to take from the program. The week culminates in development and presentation of a final project, demonstrating the knowledge and experience the participants gained. See the Department Descriptions section for short descriptions of the departments offered at KMU.

Attendees should review the Attendee Information section in advance of KMU.

Key Man Youth Director

Stay tuned to find out more information about the 2016 KMU Youth Director.


Questions or comments about the KMU program? Contact us and we’ll answer them!

Ancora Imparo!

The motto of Key Man University, Ancora Imparo means “I am still learning.” The important lesson of KMU is that we are all still learning in some capacity, whether in our Chapters, on the job, at home, or otherwise. Ancora Imparo fits well with the purpose of DeMolay, and with the spirit of the Key Man University. What have you learned today?