How do I Join DeMolay?

Before you join DeMolay or any other organization, first you want to find out whether it’s right for you. We recommend that you meet the members of a local Chapter and attend one of their events to find out what it’s all about. Chapters often hold “prospect parties” for exactly this purpose.


After you’ve made your decision, submit an Application for Membership to your local Chapter. The members will receive the application and set up a time to meet with you and your family. Then, the members vote on whether or not to admit you to the organization.


Once your application is approved, the Chapter will contact you to schedule a time for your induction ceremony. The ceremony consists of two parts, usually performed at the same time, each conveying the importance of our virtues. At the conclusion of the ceremony, you are officially a member of DeMolay!

In 2020, Pennsylvania DeMolay has waived all membership fees for new members thanks to  assistance from the  Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation and the Grand Lodge of PA grant program.

Meeting friends from all over the world and becoming a better leader are two of the greatest benefits of joining DeMolay. Others include improving public speaking skills, learning how to run a successful event, and scholarship opportunities. 

Most certainly! We encourage familes to get involved and take part in our activities. Remember: this is a youth-driven organization; parents provide supervision, advice, and support.


AGES 9-11


AGES 12-21


AGES 21+