Honors 2019

2019 Pennsylvania DeMolay Honors Approved

Once a year, Pennsylvania DeMolay has the opportunity to distribute honors to deserving members and adult workers. Honors nominations are sent to the Executive Officer, who sends them to DeMolay International for further approval. Nominations are granted approval at the annual DeMolay International Sessions, which was held this year in Alexandria, Virginia. Here are the honorees for 2019:

Miles Green – Allentown
Kyle Shively – Carlisle
Daniel Sellars – Elizabethtown
Christopher Morales – Pilgrim
Colby Whetstone – Riverside

Cross of Honor

cohphoto2Robert Kording Jr. – Lincoln
Mark Haffley – Erie
Lisa Braen – Susquehanna
Susan Lee – Susquehanna
Bonnie Neubauer – Westmoreland


Active Legion of Honor

Michael Martin – Elizabethtown
Preston Van Deursen – Elizabethtown
Dennis Hunter – Friendship-Bray
David Gardy – Personal Nomination
Nathan Johnson – Personal Nomination
Gerald McGrew – Personal Nomination
Robert Stanley – Personal Nomination
Daniel Williams – Western Preceptory
Carey Kaucher – Reading


Honorary Legion of Honor
George Hixon – Allentown
Charles Bombich – PA DeMolay
Lynn Baker – Pilgrim
Henry Federowicz – Pilgrim
Phillip Rickert – Pilgrim
Dean Williams – Westmoreland