Honors 2016

2016 Pennsylvania DeMolay Honors Approved

Once a year, Pennsylvania DeMolay has the opportunity to distribute honors to deserving members and adult workers. Honors nominations are sent to the Executive Officer, who takes them to DeMolay International for further approval. Nominations are granted approval at the annual DeMolay International Sessions, which was held this year in San Diego, California. Here are the honorees for 2016:

Allentown – Daniel Shevalier
Carlisle -Brian Martin
Carlisle – Aaron Muldowney
Carlisle – Joshua Muldowney
Chester Pike – Anthony Trento
Elizabethtown – Jacob Beers     
Elizabethtown – Evan Crawford
Erie – Cameron Fitzsimmons
Northeast – Alex Garcia
Northeast – Joseph Gronski
Pilgrim – B. Tyler Moyer
Susquehanna – Joseph Cirilo, Jr.
Westmoreland – Robert Smith

Cross of Honorcohphoto2
Allentown – Richard Shevalier, III
Carlisle – Jan Brymesser
Chester Pike – Pamela Santilli
Erie – Daniel Kane
Erie – Carol Panitzke
Erie – Chris Panitzke
Erie – John Salter
Reading – Daniel Loughin
Westmoreland – William Holtzer
Westmoreland – Bruce Neubauer
Westmoreland – Sharon Wonderling

Active Legion of Honor
Allentown – David Howells
Allentown – Edward White
Carlisle – Robert W. Otto
Chester Pike – Russell Combs
Elizabethtown – Jesse Spence
Lorraine – James Keefer, Sr. lohphoto
Lorraine – Corbett Stewart
Susquehanna – Martin Braen
Susquehanna – William Brandt, Sr.
Western LOH – William G. Johnston
PA DeMolay – Joseph Pullin
PA DeMolay – Alexander Swift

Honorary Legion of Honor
Elizabethtown – Eugene Geib
Lorraine – Wayne Frankenstein
Lorraine – George Morrow
Pilgrim – Andrew Moyer
Reading – Kevin Barnhardt
Reading – Harry Hackman, Jr.
Westmoreland – Kirk Thomas
PA DeMolay – Larry Derr
PA DeMolay – Larry Emigh
PA DeMolay – William D. Johnston
PA DeMolay – George Nakonetschny
PA DeMolay – Thomas Orris