GO PA DeMolay

For the 2017-2018 term, Pennsylvania DeMolay has been challenged to GO by State Master Councilor, Jacob Beers. Between now and Convention 2018, Pennsylvania DeMolay will be centered around racing and put in the fast lane to the future.

The members have been challenged to GO Lead, GO Grow, and GO Spread Pennsylvania DeMolay through programs of the same name. GO Lead rewards DeMolays with recognition and potential prizes for taking on greater leadership roles in their home Chapters and on the state-level. GO Grow encourages DeMolays to work harder to bring in new members by giving them the ability to move their way up on the PA DeMolay Race Team – from a simple Shop Mechanic, all the way to the Driver – with each new member they first-line sign. GO Spread recognizes those who have gone above and beyond to help spread DeMolay’s message to those around them.

For the Chapters, they have been tasked with building metaphorical cars through the execution of various programs and activities. To earn their Engine, Chapters must hold 2 community service events, 2 Masonic service events, 2 charity events, and 2 prospect parties. To earn the car’s Body, Chapters must promote themselves in their community with a sign, poster, or some other advertisement. To earn their set of Tires, Chapters must visit 3 different Chapters. To earn the Fuel to power the car, Chapters must admit 5 new members. Finally, to earn the car’s Chassis, Chapters must create and manage 3 of the following: a newsletter, website, Facebook page, or Call ‘Em All. Each Chapter that completes this will earn a special prize at Convention and the Chapter that goes above and beyond will earn a custom GO trophy car.

As a challenge to raise membership, Pennsylvania DeMolay will be taking part in the first-ever Chase for the DeMolay Membership Cup. Between Convention 2017 and September 30th, all Chapters will compete against each other in bringing in new members in Round 1. On October 1st, the best 12 Chapters will advance to Round 2. On January 1st, the best 8 Chapters will advance to Round 3. Finally, on April 1st, only the final 4 Chapters will remain to compete in Round 4, which will end on June 30th. The winner of the Chase for the DeMolay Membership Cup will receive a plaque and recognition at Convention 2018.

Stay tuned to the PA DeMolay blog, demolaypa.blogspot.com, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram for further details on each of the programs for the year and announcements regarding events and activities.

The only thing left to do is GO do the tasks necessary to put yourself and your Chapter in Victory Lane at Convention 2018.

GO Program