42439040_10160863008920858_2229811999196315648_oThese are ceremonies that can be performed in public, for other Masonic Youth Groups, and other organizations. They are open by invitation.

For a complete list of open ceremonies used by DeMolay International, including Installations and Investitures
please visit the DeMolay Ceremonies.

7+7=10 (DeMolay and Rainbow Ceremony)
The 7+7=10 public ceremony is designed for Rainbow and DeMolay to participate together in ritual, and explain each organization’s virtues.  Each organization has 7 virtues, but 4 are used by both, so that yields a total of 10 distinct virtues.  This could be used as a program to a Masonic Lodge, or a prospective member event, or another appropriate use.

This ceremony is only approved for use in Pennsylvania — we have rewritten a previous version of this ceremony, and only this version is allowed to be used in Pennsylvania.  Members of other Jurisdictions must get approval from both their Supreme Deputies and Executive Officers prior to using it.  If you find any errors, or have suggestions for improving the ceremony, please contact Dad Schaeffer, Executive Officer of Pennsylvania DeMolay.

PA Seven + Seven Ceremony