Awards and Honors

Awarding excellent performance is a key tenet of the DeMolay program. Whether it be for recruiting new members, reflecting upon one’s self, or just a sincere dedication to the cause, DeMolay offers many incentives to motivate its members. Detailed information on these awards can be found in this section.

Please note these are the regulations governing Awards and Honors in Pennsylvania. If you are from another jurisdiction please contact your Executive Officer for more information.

Representative DeMolay Award

The Representative DeMolay Award was created by DeMolay Founder, “Dad” Frank S. Land, to encourage all members of DeMolay to evaluate and develop a well-rounded life that is characterized by the practice of the virtues and values of the Order. To this day, the Representative is the highest award for self-achievement that can be earned by an Active DeMolay. The Representative DeMolay program is one of self-evaluation. Members seeking to obtain the award must evaluate their development in various areas of life. A detailed and honest evaluation is required.Those who show progress in all-around development and a firm understanding of their own strengths and needs are awarded the high honor of being called a Representative DeMolay.

“Dad” Land’s goal was for every DeMolay to be a Representative DeMolay, not merely by holding the award, but by living in such a way as to make the Order proud to call you its own. And, because of your own effort and time, you can be proud to wear the title and insignia of this award.

Forms for applying for the Representative DeMolay Award in Pennsylvania are available for you to print here on this site (see below), or can be obtained by request from your Chapter Advisor or the Pennsylvania DeMolay office.

For questions about the program, or your application process, you may contact the PA DeMolay office at 717-367-1536.

The Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award


The PMC Meritorious Service Award was originated by the Founder of the Order of DeMolay, “Dad” Frank S. Land. He recognized the tremendous advantage gained by the Master Councilor in having a pre-planned program for his term of office. When such a program has been planned and distributed to the Chapter membership in printed form, the Master Councilor has gone a long way in achieving goals he has set.

While the newly elected Master Councilor is the only one qualified to apply for and achieve the award, he cannot do it alone. The requirements can only be met through the combined efforts of the entire Chapter. The Master Councilor must provide the leadership to inspire his fellow DeMolays toward a well-rounded program.

“Dad” Land wrote the qualifications for the award and designed the jewel, which is now proudly worn by those who have accomplished success in their term as Master Councilor. We hope that you will qualify for this coveted award.

Pennsylvania DeMolay has created a guide to help you in earning this award. By following this process you will increase your chances of earning the award.

If you have questions about the PMC-MSA program please contact “Dad” David W. Berry, ES or “Dad” William M. Glose, Director of the PMC-MSA Program.

The Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recognizes outstanding overall service by a DeMolay in various fields of religious life, education, community, home, DeMolay and other areas. Established by DeMolay International in 1959, it is awarded to a maximum of two DeMolay members per jurisdiction per year (one per six-month term). Since the DSA is an award, rather than an honor, the prospective recipient may participate actively in preparing his own nomination. Although the awards are generally made at the annual Convention in PA, applications may be submitted at any time. The Executive Officer, in consultation with other staff, selects the recipients from among qualified applicants.

There is no standard form for applying for the DSA. Rather, the applicant, working with his local Advisory Council, assembles a package of materials demonstrating his service in various areas. The local Advisory Council generally assists in soliciting recommendations from individuals who have worked with the applicant in various areas of service. The nomination for the Award officially comes from the Advisory Council, though a member may apply for his own nomination through his Advisory Council.

The information below will help you in assembling an application for the DSA, and outlines the essential information that should be included. The package of materials should reflect the personality and experience of the nominee, while showcasing his qualifications to be designated as truly distinguished in his service, both in DeMolay and beyond.


honorsNot to be confused with Awards, Honors also provide recognition for members. Whereas Awards are earned, Honors are bestowed for service without the recipient’s knowledge. Honors are conferred upon recommendation by the Advisory Council and approval of the Executive Officer. Honors cannot be applied for. DeMolay bestows three major honors:

  • Legion of Honor
  • Degree of Chevalier
  • Cross of Honor