Youth Safety

The safety of the youth who participate in DeMolay activities is of the utmost importance. Each Advisor is trained according to the requirements of DeMolay International and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Several background checks are required, including driver history, criminal background, and child abuse clearances.  

Adult Training

Any adult (age 21 or older) male or female can become a DeMolay Advisor. Master Masons who are under the age of 21 can join DeMolay as a member and can even become an officer—but they cannot become an Advisor until they turn 21. 

All potential DeMolay adult volunteers (Advisors) must complete the DeMolay Advisor Development (DAD) training program in order to be eligible for registration as an approved adult worker. This training is also available to parents or others interested in a better working knowledge of the DeMolay program, whether they want to become an advisor or not.

Topics include DeMolay history, organization and structure, recruitment of youth and adults, youth protection policies, risk management, chapter programming, ritual, rules and discipline, and how to relate to teenagers.

PA DeMolay makes every effort to make this training available to local Chapters on request, and schedules DAD Trainings to coincide with state athletic tournaments and other state events.

We also offer continuing education courses through our DAD Plus Program. DAD Plus courses are designed to cover specific topics at a deeper level. These include finances, planning, risk management, and ritual, among others. The topics will vary as needed, with special emphasis on up-to-date questions and concerns.

Pennsylvania Mandated Training

Pennsylvania DeMolay requires all adult workers to participate in Adult Worker Training as mandated by PA law, as well as DeMolay International’s background check and training module. This helps us ensure that the safety of our members is our primary focus and that we can maintain a safe environment for members to learn and experience everything DeMolay has to offer.