How to Become a State Officer

Wanted: Hard-working members of Pennsylvania DeMolay for outstanding elected and appointed state leadership opportunities.

pajewelPublic speaking skills, many new opportunities and friends to be gained! If you possess the burning desire inside of you to prove yourself as one of our Jurisdiction’s “few and proud”… If you are looking for glory and the “royal treatment,” then go look somewhere else. Being a State Officer is hard work, high pressure, and the greatest opportunity to SERVE your brethren available in DeMolay. It’s leadership by example in programming, ritual, brotherhood and overall DeMolay excellence. Have you got what it takes?

Officers elected to serve PA DeMolay each year are State Master Councilor, Deputy State Master Councilor, State Senior Councilor, State Junior Councilor, and State Scribe.

A candidate for elected office must be an Active DeMolay, a present or Past Master Councilor, have earned the Representative DeMolay award, and have completed all five lessons of the DeMolay Leadership Correspondence Course. These requirements must be met prior to submitting a letter of intent. Must be able to provide his own transportation and transport himself to various locations within (and sometimes outside of) the Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania.

Duties of Elected State Officers

How do I run as a candidate?

lettersIf you are being considered a candidate for the Office of State Master Councilor, your letter of intent must be received by February 1st. This secures the candidate for a spot in the SMC panel to be considered for the office, usually held in March during the State Weekend. The panel is used for the candidate to present his term plan for the following year.

If you are a candidate for Deputy State Master Councilor, State Senior Councilor, State Junior Councilor or State Scribe your letter of intent must be received no later than May 15th. The letter must include:

1) your full name, address and phone number, and e-mail,
2) the office for which you intend to run,
3) a brief summary as to what you expect to do in your position if approved as a candidate and elected,
4) four (4) required signatures: you, one of your parents, your Chapter Advisor and your Chairman.

A candidate must create a plan for an event that they would plan while serving as an Elected State Officer. The plan should include:
a) Timeline showing a list of deadlines/checkpoints leading up to the event.
b) Schedule for the weekend, showing who is responsible for each component.
c) List of supplies needed and an estimated budget.

This is the mapping between the office being sought by the candidate and the event that he must plan:
Deputy State Master Councilor – October Weekend
State Senior Councilor – December Weekend: Winter Induction Class
State Junior Councilor – January Weekend
State Scribe – March Weekend

State Officer Policy Changes

Letters of intent and plans should be mailed to

“Dad” Gregory M. Schaeffer, Executive Officer
c/o Pennsylvania DeMolay
1244 Bainbridge Road
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

How do I become an Appointed State Officer?

appjewelsThe upcoming elected state officers will also be looking for a solid corps of appointed officers to assist them in their duties. These officers include State Deacons, Stewards, Orator, Standard Bearer, Chaplain, Marshal, and Preceptors.

Appointed state officers need not be present or Past Master Councilors and must hold the have the RD or obtain it within a set period of time following appointment. All interested and qualified applicants will be considered as long as they file the proper paperwork, consisting of the Completed Appointed State Officer Application with all required signatures. It’s a great way to get some more leadership experience, and to find out if you have an interest in elected state office in the future. Appointed officers will be named at our Convention.

Duties of Appointed State Officers

To be considered for this year’s corps, you’ll need to have your application in to “Dad” Fry at the address above by June 15th. Apply now!

Appointed State Officer Application

What about Sweethearts?

sweetjewelYoung ladies interested in running for State Sweetheart should review the State Sweetheart Guidelines. To declare your interest in running, please complete and file the Sweetheart Application by June 15th.