I WANNA GO FAST! Talladega Nights Weekend Recap

During the weekend of September 29th to October 1st, PA DeMolay hosted the first weekend of the new term: Talladega Nights Weekend. The weekend was full of fun quotes from the movie and workshops that taught our young men how to plan prospect parties, become a better leader, and communicate well with others.

The weekend was also the return of the Flag Football Tournament. On Friday night, the team captains hosted the first ever PA DeMolay draft to determine the teams for Saturdays games. The teams were the Patriots, the Broncos, the Raiders, the Steelers, the Chargers, the Falcons, the Vikings, and the Seahawks. Each team was led by an Elected or Appointed State Officer and an Advisor/Coach. After some tough competition, the championship game saw the Falcons, led by Brother Jacob Reilly and “Dad” Joe Pullin, take on the Patriots, led by Brother Kody Anderson and “Mom” Angela Lennox. The Falcons won the 2017 championship. Great sportsmanship was played all day. Thanks to the referees, coaches, captains, and everyone involved more making this weekend a great success.


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