PA DeMolay Competes at MATOC

On September 8th to the 10th, Pennsylvania DeMolay hosted the annual Mid Atlantic Tournament of Champions (MATOC for short) which was held at the Eisenhower Hotel and Convention Center in Gettysburg, PA. MATOC is a ritual tournament held for Jurisdictions in the Mid-Atlantic Region; Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Deleware, Virginia, and Maryland.

Several participants from Pennsylvania took place in competitions. Chapters that were represented include; Elizabethtown, Pilgrim, al-Aksa, Northeast, Friendship-Bray, Chester Pike, and Westmoreland. Here are the winners that represnted Pennsylvania DeMolay:

Jacob Reilly, Sean Reitze, Tyler Moyer (PA DeMolay State Officers) – 9 o’clock (Jurisdiction, Open)
Andrew Santilli (Chester Pike) – Chaplain (Senior, Open)
Joe Pullin, Alex Swift, Jeff Hample, Sean Reitze, John Saltzgueber (Ben Franklin Court ) – Chevalier Conferral (Champion)
PA DeMolay State Officers (Jake Beers, Tyler Moyer, Sean Reitze, Tim Nevil, Jacob Reilly, Dylan Kirk) – Preceptor Corps (Open)
Michael Darbous (Westmoreland) – Preceptor Trio (Junior, Open)
Michael Darbous (Westmoreland) – Rookie of the Year (Junior Open)
Daegan Fuss (Pilgrim) – Rookie of the Year (Senior, Open)
Daniel Amon (Northeast) – Shield Talk (Junior, Open)

Great job to all of PA DeMolay’s winners and participants. Keep up the great work. We look forward to more competitors for next year.


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