Special Dinner Honors Special World War II Veterans

DSCF0743.JPGIn the Fall of 2015 Elizabethtown DeMolay’s Junior Councilor, Tim, had his term approved by the Chapter and the Advisory Council.  He knew that he wanted to host a dinner for Veterans on Veterans Day as a part of his Patriotic Theme for the June 2016-January 2017 term of office, he just didn’t know who should be invited.  The question was easily answered when the Summer 2016 edition of Village Voice was distributed at the Masonic Village – it featured a story titled “The End of an Honorable Era” which detailed the story of “The Ruptured Ducks.”

“The Ruptured Ducks” is a group of World War II Veterans who reside at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown and has periodically met for picnics and social gatherings for the past 11 years under the devoted supervision of Don Muterspaw, a maintenance mechanic at the Masonic Village, and his wife, Tina.  The name of the group comes from the nickname given to the Honorable Service Lapel Pin that was awarded to U.S. Military personnel who were honorably discharged during World War II.

On Veterans Day 2016, five of the eight “Ruptured Ducks,” along with Don and Tina, attended the shrimp and steak dinner that was prepared and served by the members and advisors of Elizabethtown Chapter.  The program for the evening included a welcome, Pledge of Allegiance and prayer as lead by Past Master Councilor Blake; a reading of prepared remarks from Master Councilor Tim, who was unable to be there, as presented by Senior Councilor Kody.  Past Master Councilors Alex and Jake participated with readings on the history of the Ruptured Duck Pin and the DeMolay 7th Preceptor which encourages new members to be patriots in peace and well as heroes in war.  Two of the veterans –  Ray Simpson, a Senior DeMolay from Knapp Chapter that had met in St. Marys, and  Martin Walker made remarks; and Don Muterspaw gave a short history of the group.  To end the evening a special gift was presented to the group as a whole: Elizabethtown Chapter sponsored a paver at the Veterans Grove Eternal Flame in honor of “The Ruptured Ducks,” and each of the veterans was presented with a special certificate denoting this honor.

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