MATOC in Gettysburg (Take 2)


For the second consecutive year, the Mid Atlantic Tournament of Champions was held in Gettysburg, PA on September 9 to 11, 2016. MATOC, as the tournament is known as for short, is a DeMolay ritual based tournament, allowing active members and a few senior members participate in both team and individual competitions. MATOC represents the Mid Atlantic Region including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delware, New York, Maryland, Virginia and our Nation’s Capital. Competitions included Flower Talk, Ceremony of Light, and 9 o’clock interpolation, among several others.

Members of Pennsylvania DeMolay represented our Jurisdiction proudly. Brothers Andrew Santilli and Eric Dye for their rendition of the Representative DeMolay Ceremony on the Open level, Ray Benoist won for Preceptor Trio in the Open level, while PSMC Bro. Isaac Holtzer won for Preceptor Trio on the Champion level, and a team of Chevaliers from Northeast Chapter won for the Chevalier Investiture on the Champion level. Congratulations to all of the champions on their excellent display of DeMolay ritual. Hopefully we can get even more competitors from Pennsylvania for 2017.

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