Allentown Chapter Members Earn Bro-Tie

First Bro-TiesThe PA DeMolay Bro-Tie mentorship program, which was first conceived and fleshed out by Adam T. Pritchard (State Master Councilor) and Daniel W. Shevalier (State Treasurer) finally bore its first fruit at the 007 Weekend at Patton Campus. After several months of working, serving and having fun together, Jake Yarnall (PMC-MSA) and Justin Nixon, both of Allentown Chapter, became the first official mentorship pair in the state, and were allowed to swap their Bro-Tie halves, and be the first two (non state-officer) boys allowed to sport the Black and Red Bro-Ties at DeMolay events. With the State Treasurer and Jake in attendance, Justin easily passed a series of questions about DeMolay and his place in Allentown Chapter posed to him by Allentown Chapter Advisor, Dad Rich Shevalier. Justin and Jake were both very pleased with the opportunity to have worked with each other, and plan to continue the connection and friendship as Jake is Allentown Chapter’s new Master Councilor, and Justin is Allentown’s new Senior Deacon.

Written by “Dad” Rich Shevalier, Chapter Advisor of Allentown Chapter

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