“Dad” Samuel C. Williamson: Hall of Famer

Pennsylvania DeMolay is proud to announce that williamson,samuel“Dad” Samuel C. Williamson will be inducted into the DeMolay International Hall of Fame. The induction will take place at DeMolay International’s annual session from June 16th to 18th in San Diego, California.

A strong majority of DeMolays and Advisors throughout Pennsylvania already know why “Dad” Williamson is Hall of Fame worthy, but for those that don’t, here are a few reasons why DeMolay International is inducting one of the best:

Samuel C. Williamson served as Right Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge in Pennsylvania in 1982 and 1983.

During his term as RWGM, “Dad” Williamson founded the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation. This organization, which is owned and operated by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, operates to support and promote leadership training to the Masonic-related youth groups. He currently serves as the chairman of the board of directors for the foundation.

“Dad” Williamson became the first recipient of the HODEGOS award in 2005, an award for Distinguished Adult Service to youth presented by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

SAMWILLIAMSONIn 1985, “Dad” Williamson founded the Key Man Conference, a DeMolay leadership conference that brings members together from multiple jurisdictions to learn the basics of DeMolay. Today we refer to the conference as Key Man University.

He was elected as an Active member of DeMolay International in 1986.

In 1987, “Dad” Williamson became the Executive Officer for Pennsylvania DeMolay. He held this position until July of 2000.

To this day, “Dad” Williamson still is very active with Pennsylvania DeMolay. Congratulations “Dad” Sam Williamson for your well-deserved induction into the DeMolay International Hall of Fame.

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