PA DeMolay Flag Football 2014

The 2014 PA DeMolay Flag Football Chamions - Carlisle Chapter!

The 2014 PA DeMolay Flag Football Chamions – Carlisle Chapter!

October marks the time of Autumn, with hoodies, warm apple cider, and of course, football! At Patton Campus, this can mean only one thing – the annual PA DeMolay Flag Football tournament. Held October 17 – 19, Flag Football 2014 was another great tournament.

Starting early on Saturday morning, teams from all over the state picked up the pigskin and readied themselves. With 12 Chapters participating, it took all day on Saturday to determine a winner. All of the Chapters showed excellent spirit and displayed brotherhood both on and off of the field.

As the day progressed, the teams hashed it out on the gridiron, with members of small Chapters filling in on other teams to boost their rosters. As the day came to a close, the event really heated up with Carlisle Chapter facing off against George Washington Chapter for the title of Champion. Interestingly, Carlisle is a spin-off of George Washington, so this was a real grudge match of Brother against Brother! After some long, tough games, Carlisle Chapter was able to pull out the win for the this year’s event!

Final standings are as follows:

1st - Carlisle
2nd - George Washington
3rd - Erie
4th - Chester Pike / Freedom / Reading
5th - Templar

While the Championship is the prize most coveted, lots of other awards were passed out to recognize those that put forth a valiant effort. They included:

Spirit Award – Westmoreland Chapter
Ironman Award – Christian Bogans of Pilgrim Chapter
Most Valuable Player (Offense) – Ben Cole of Carlisle Chapter
Most Valuable Player (Defense) – Ben Talhem of Carlisle Chapter
Most Valuable Coach – Alex Swift of Northeast Chapter

Congratulations to all of our competitors and we look forward to seeing you at our next PA DeMolay Athletic event!

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2014 Eastern Legion of Honor Conferral


The Legion of Honor is the highest adult decoration given by DeMolay International. It is bestowed for meritorious service in some field of endeavor, be it in DeMolay, Masonic, or in secular life. On Sunday, October 19, 2014, PA DeMolay conferred the Legion of Honor on several new Legionnaires from the Eastern part of the state at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown.

In a ceremony performed by “Dad” Rick S. Freedman, Deputy Executive Officer and Active Member of DeMolay International, ten Brothers were elevated “to the rank, honor, and distinction” of the Legion of Honor. six of those men, being Senior DeMolays, were given the Active Legion of Honor:

  • Matthew D. Dupee
  • Christopher M. Fry
  • Jay M. Laser
  • Timothy R. Settlemyer
  • Brian K. Shaffer
  • Steven J. Smith

Also honored with the Honorary Legion of Honor were four men who have provided outstanding support to the DeMolay program and their communities, but who were never members of the Order itself:

  • Gary J. Dukeman
  • David A. McDade
  • Jerry J. Hamilton
  • William F. Harner

Full biographies of the recipients and a complete list of the conferral team can be found here (.pdf file.)

It was a fabulous day for PA DeMolay and we would like to congratulate all of our new Legionnaires!

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Westmoreland Challenges Shidle Lodge No. 601

Westmoreland picture 3

The Senior Warden of Shidle Lodge No. 601 and the Master Councilor of Westmoreland Chapter are already warring and the ink isn’t even dry!

On Tuesday September 2, 201,4 Westmoreland Chapter was asked to present a program to Shidle Lodge No. 601. The program was the opening and closing of the Chapter.

Once the Chapter was opened in Shidle Lodge’s building, the Master Councilor, Bro. David Smith, decided to “Take the Risk” and challenge Charles Anthony, the Senior Warden, acting Worshipful Master, presenting him with the “Declaration of Domination.”  Senior Warden Anthony accepted the challenge, after some good-natured conversation between him and the Master Councilor.

It was then revealed that Worshipful Master Robert Brinkley had offered to set aside from the contest all members recruited for their “One Day Class.” Both parties then signed the “Declaration of Domination.” Westmoreland Chapter then performed the closing ritual. Everyone adjourned to handshakes and ice cream with peaches.

Let the Domination begin!

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Elizabethtown Challenges Lamberton No. 476 to Take the Risk!


Bro. Ron Carson, Worshipful Master of Lamberton Lodge No. 476 and a Senior DeMolay from Lancaster Chapter, signs the “Declaration of Domination” with Bro. Alex Spence, Past Master Councilor of Elizabethtown Chapter.

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Elizabethtown DeMolay, represented by Bro. Alex Spence, Past Master Councilor, challenged Lamberton Lodge No. 476, located in Lancaster, PA, to a membership contest as part of PA DeMolay’s “Take the Risk” campaign.

In a twist on the program, the young men have asked to have Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 (the Chapter’s main sponsoring body) to be involved with them in the competition. They are looking to have the Lodge as a partner in helping recruit more local members so that they can win the competition that will end on December 31st. If Elizabethtown DeMolay brings in more new members than Lamberton Lodge, the Chapter members will receive special t-shirts and Lamberton Lodge will make a $200 to their charity – the Dyslexia Center in Lancaster.

Good luck, Elizabethtown Chapter!

Did your Chapter issue a “Take the Risk” challenge? If so, send us a short write up, along with a photo, to and we’ll post it here!

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PA DeMolay Inscribes Paver in Honor of Fallen Brother

10713015_865339533478822_8545763495778063641_nEarlier this month, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania dedicated a new monument on the grounds of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. The edifice, composed of an eternal flame mounted on an obelisk, will stand as a testament to those who have served our country and died bravely for it.

Around the base of the monument are pavers and bricks, each inscribed with a name or message from a person or group who contributed to the cost of building the momument. PA DeMolay was quick to chip in for this project in memory of a Senior DeMolay that served his country to the last – Bro. Tristan Aitken.

It was in 2003 that PA DeMolay was saddened to learn of the first Senior DeMolay from PA known to have been lost in the war with Iraq. Captain Tristan N. Aitken, of State College Chapter, was killed in an ambush near the Baghdad airport on Saturday, April 4, 2003, when the Humvee he was driving was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.

IMG_20140922_183813544Aitken joined State College Chapter in December, 1984. In addition to his DeMolay membership, Brother Aitken was a graduate of Centre County Christian Academy and Texas Christian University, where he was in the Reserve Officer Training Corps. He was an avid athlete and an Eagle Scout. The Centre Daily Times newspaper quoted Tristan’s father as saying, “He always led his people, he never waited in the back.” It seems a fitting tribute to the leadership and self-sacrifice of this DeMolay patriot. He has been lain to rest in Arlington National Cemetary.

Each year, in the PA DeMolay Yearbook, a line appears in memory of Bro. Aiken, stating that we will never forget. Now, no one will forget his sacrifice, as his name will stand with the Eternal Flame in perpetuity.

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